Best of 2009

The new year is, of course, the time for “Best of…” retrospectives, and we photographers are not excepted. Early January is the generally accepted time for these endeavors, but what can I say? I missed it. Better late than never, though. If I put it off much longer, I could claim I was holding out for Nowruz; but the iron is hot. So without further ado, my ten best of the year that is past:

1. Horses and Cabezon Peak, Rio Puerco Valley, New Mexico.

2. Apache Kid Wilderness, New Mexico.

3. Reflected light in Lodore Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado.

4. Beargrass, Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness, Idaho.

5. The Impassable Canyon, Frank Church-River of No Return Wilderness, Idaho,.

6. Chama River headwaters, San Juan Mountains, Colorado.

7. Autumn evening in a Turkish village, Eastern Black Sea Range, Turkey.

8. Sumela Monastery, Eastern Black Sea Range, Turkey.

9. Morning in Zemi Valley, Cappadocia, Turkey.

10. Autumn evening in the Manzano Mountains, New Mexico.

And my previous post, my last shot of 2009, Sunset on La Jencia Plain, really ought to make the cut as well. It was a good year. Happy February!

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