Pecos Spring

Another just-for-fun shot: a stormy spring day on Hamilton Mesa in New Mexico’s Pecos Wilderness. I’ve never made it here in really good shooting conditions, but stormclouds aren’t too bad. The peaks in the clouds are the Truchas, New Mexico’s second-highest and (in my opinion) most spectacular alpine mountains.

I’m off tomorrow to go run rivers, first in Dinosaur National Monument, and later on the great wilderness rivers of Idaho. I now have a laptop, so hopefully I’ll be able to blog a shot on occasion. I’ll also be doing a trip on Desolation Canyon, on the Green River in Utah. I’m really looking forward to that one: Deso at its deepest is deeper than the Grand Canyon, and it’s been years since I’ve run it. Back when I was doing trips there regularly, I had nothing like the photo skills I have now, so it will be a pleasure to return and photograph the place. Here’s a scan of one of my old film images. It was a favorite when I took it, but with a little luck I hope to do better:

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