Autumn Last Year

Mountain village in autumn, Bayburt Province, Northeastern Turkey.

I have been getting fall colors photos from this season, which I’ll be sharing soon enough. But I was recently inspired to rework this shot, taken almost exactly a year ago in northeastern Turkey. We went out for the day with a local mountaineering club. A minibus dropped us off as high as it could drive up a pass before getting stopped by snow. We spent the day walking a spectacular ridge on the crest of the Eastern Black Sea Range, were fed a fantastic lunch up high, and then descended several thousand very steep feet to meet our ride at this small village (whose name I have not been able to figure out). This is on the inland side of the mountains, and the rain shadow effect is quite pronounced; the coastal side felt like western Oregon, while the south slopes made us New Mexicans feel right at home.

If you’re ever looking for an exotic fall color destination, this part of Turkey has got what you’re after. This shot only captured the merest taste. There were extensive aspen groves in the region, all looking very good in early October, as well as some quite nice deciduous stuff in the valleys. Fall color and minarets! If I go back, though, I’ll definitely rent some wheels. Not being able to control my own transportation made photography seriously difficult, and this was really the only time I was lucky enough to find good colors in good light.

More photos from the Eastern Black Sea region


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