Sunday Night Links 12-26-10

Favorite photos from the last few weeks:

  • The Heart of Svanetia by Vladimir Kopylov (larger): this is why I asked for (and received) an instructional book for the Georgian language for Christmas.
  • The Simien King by Petr Slavik: a Gelada baboon on the massive cliffs of Ethiopia’s Simien Plateau.
  • Lowland Streaked Tenrec by David Sewell: the art purists may say what they like, by rarity counts for something in photography, and tenrecs are decidedly not over-photographed.
  • Fall Aspens on Grand Mesa by Joshua Hardin: gold aspens in front of the desert escarpment of the Book Cliffs in an unusual and gorgeous juxtaposition.
  • Lava hits the sea by Tom Kualii: just a splendid, perfectly composed and perfectly executed image.
  • Blue Whale Skeleton in Antarctica by Philip Colla. Most images you see from the far southern oceans tend to be of penguins, always appealing, or ice. It’s a treat to see something like this that shows all at once the fecundity of the Antarctic sea, the starkness of the land, the threat of the weather. Colla’s Antarctica gallery is all well worth a look, but this one easily stands out as my favorite.

And if you have time for browsing, here are some excellent portfolios to look through:

  • Photography from Pakistan’s Himalaya by M. Atif Saeed: a spectacular region that sees plenty of trekking traffic, but you don’t see too much good photography out of it. Here’s a representatively awesome shot, chosen almost at random.
  • Yemen, by Don Whitebread: “In a popular Yemeni joke, God returns to see what has changed on Earth over the millennia. An angel flies him over Europe and God doesn’t recognize anything. The same happens over America and Asia. Finally the angel guides them over Yemen, and God says ‘Oh, just like I left it!'”
  • Sacred Headwaters, a documentary project for the wild lands of northern British Columbia: BC has areas that get photographed a lot; this area is not among them.
  • Lalibela, Ethiopia on Meskel Day (i.e. the Feast of the Holy Cross) by Bruce Percy: a whole ‘nother world of Christianity.

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