Favorites of 2010

It’s that time of year, and it was a splendid year of photography for me. I got out quite a bit, especially in summer and fall. I got to return to some favorite locations, such as the Lodore Canyon rim, Pecos Baldy Peak and the Manzano Mountains in New Mexico, Idaho’s Lost River Range, and Colorado’s Chama Basin, armed with better photography skills and in better conditions than on previous visits. I came home to a couple much-beloved places I hadn’t been in years, namely Utah’s Desolation Canyon and Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River. I got to explore some entirely new territory in Colorado’s South San Juan Wilderness and New Mexico’s Black Range. And I got to experience some once-in-a-decade-or-more opportunities: high flows on the Gila River, an incredible poppy bloom in the southern Arizona desert, and an amazingly photogenic autumn snowstorm in the Chama Basin. It’s all very well to speak of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but the fact is, if you spend a lot of time outside, you will see wondrous sights, and I spent a lot of time out in 2010.

To begin, here are my two favorite shots of the year that I haven’t yet shared on the blog. First, an autumn sunrise in New Mexico’s Black Range (Organ Mountains in the distance):

Autumn sunrise over aspens in the Black Range, New Mexico

Next, an amazing mixed grove of aspens and maples in the Manzano Mountains, New Mexico:

Maples and aspens on the cliffs of New Mexico's Manzano Range

And here are some favorites of the year which will be familiar to followers of this blog. New readers, please enjoy!

Foggy moonrise in the Valles Caldera, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico:

Moonrise through mist in Valles Caldera National Preserve, Jemez Mountains, New Mexico

Sotol at dawn, Gila Wilderness, New Mexico:

Sotol plants above the Gila River, Gila Wilderness, New Mexico

Desert poppies in bloom, Black Hills, Arizona:

Spring poppy bloom in the Black Hills near Safford, Arizona

Tenuous foothold on Lodore Canyon rim, Dinosaur National Monument, Colorado:

Looking into Lodore Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument

Clearing storm in Desolation Canyon
, Utah:

Evening storm clouds above Desolation Canyon and the Green River, Utah

Summer solstice sunrise in Idaho’s Lost River Range:

Summer solstice dawn over Long Lost Creek in the Lost River Range, Idaho

Chinook salmon leaping up Dagger Falls, Central Idaho (more detail of the fish here):

A Chinook salmon leaps up Dagger Falls on Idaho's Middle Fork of the Salmon

Incoming storm in New Mexico’s Pecos Wilderness:

A monsoon storm blows toward the Truchas Peaks in New Mexico's Pecos Wilderness

Dawn luminescence, South San Juan Wilderness, Colorado:

First instant of dawn above the Little Blanco Trail in Colorado's South San Juan Wilderness

Winter descending on Chama Basin, Colorado:

Autumn morning in Colorado's Chama Basin

And for those who were so good as persevere to the bottom of the post, here’s another image I haven’t yet shared. This was taken the evening before the previous shot, at almost the exact same location, but facing the other way. Autumn waterfall in Chama Basin, Colorado:

Autumn waterfall in Chama Basin, Colorado

Happy new year to all!

25 thoughts on “Favorites of 2010

  1. Andrew,
    thank you for going through the trouble to bring this beauty to those of us who aren’t intrepid hikers and wanderers (and early risers!). Viewing these is a great start to the New Year; these are breathtaking.

  2. Jackson,
    The first two shots are sweet! I really like the depth and clarity of #1. You also got some very nice captures throughout the year…I like the mountain shots (especially the Lost River Range) and the Lodore Canyon shot is very nice as well. Happy New Year.

  3. Wow, Jackson, these are all really fantastic. So much eye candy here, its hard for me to pin down a single favorite–I’m glad you’re not making me pick!

    That said, however, the two that really caught my eye here are the storm descending on the Pecos Wilderness, and the early winter scene from the Chama basin. All are wonderful, though.

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  13. Very nice and consistent landscape work. I think my favorite is “Foggy moonrise in the Valles Caldera”, with the fog simplifying and mystifying the image. But they all have great composition and colors, and you don’t seem to forget about your foreground, of which I am so often guilty.

    • Thanks Iza! I do appreciate simplicity and abstraction in landscape images, and I have found myself working with more long-lens and intimate compositions recently. But grand landscapes are still my foremost love in photography, and my 2010 picks definitely betray that taste.

  14. I new that New Mexico had some great places to see, but your pictures really make me want to head over there! Wow those mountain pictures are amazing! Love them!

    • Thanks for dropping by Chris! If my pictures intrigue people to get out and see some little-known landscapes, that’s success for me! I love New Mexico, but it takes some effort to see the best stuff. The scenery here isn’t as in-your-face, knock-your-socks-off as say, Colorado or Utah. But we have tons of hidden gems for those willing to get out and explore.

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