Sheep Creek, Gospel-Hump Wilderness

Sheep Creek enters the Salmon River, Gospel-Hump Wilderness, Idaho.

About now, I was supposed to be returning from several days in southern New Mexico, no doubt with a boatload of stunning pictures. But a sudden and nasty bout of the flu canceled that plan. So here’s something from the archives, a shot of Sheep Creek entering the Salmon River in Idaho’s Gospel-Hump Wilderness. Of technical note is that I double-processed the RAW file here. I don’t find that I need to go to exposure blending techniques all that often, but they can be pretty helpful in deep river canyons, where on bank will surely be in deep shadow by the light’s even halfway decent on the other side.

I’m on the fence on this one. I certainly don’t see it being a mainstay in my portfolio. But I don’t have much from the Main Salmon (I’ll see if I can change that this summer), and this does capture a certain amount of the spirit of the place. I’d be happy to hear opinions from viewers, photographers and others!

A couple more impressions, just for fun. What do I really love about running the Main Salmon in July? Thimbleberries!

My favorite kind of kitchen:

2 thoughts on “Sheep Creek, Gospel-Hump Wilderness

  1. This is really cool, Jackson. Ah, the pleasures of river trips…some plush camping conditions to be sure. Although I lived in Wyoming for several years, I never really spent time in Idaho.

    You asked for opinions about the first image. The blending is really well done, and honestly I think it works really well. The comp is nice and it does bring the viewer into the scene. My personal preference would have been for a slightly longer shutter speed to smooth out the water a touch, accomplished maybe with a 8- or 10-stop ND filter. However, that’s a minor nit at worst…I really dig this set of images.

    Incidentally, you had mentioned wanting to hike/photograph the Paria more. I’ll be there for only two nights during the last week of March. It would be a hell of a drive for you (for me too), but if you wanted to get together and shoot, that might be a great time to do it…


    • Thanks, Greg! Yes, I love waterblur images, and this would be a nice spot for it. It also occurs to me that this location might make for some nice night and moonlight shots. I’ll have to see if I end up back there this summer. One of the tough things about photography as a river guide is even though you get to run the rivers repeatedly, you’re not always at the same camps.

      E-mailed you about the Paria.

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