Geology of Dinosaur

Evening light on Harper's Point, Whirlpool Canyon, Dinosaur National Monument, Utah

I haven’t blogged much photography from Dinosaur National Monument, and that’s a pity, because Dinosaur has absolutely world-class landscapes, and my summer river guiding gig puts me in an excellent position to photograph it. But my most productive season there was 2008, well before the launch of this blog.

Hopefully, I’ll have some fresh Dinosaur shots to post come June. But to remedy the situation in the meantime, here’s an overlooked shot I recently pulled from my archives, last light on Harper’s Point, seen from Jones Hole. I came across this one in the process of writing a synopsis of the Monument’s geology for my fellow river runners. In my opinion, Dinosaur’s geology is easily equal in fascination and general awesomeness to anywhere in the American West, or quite possibly the world (and I absolutely include the Grand Canyon in that statement). Readers of this blog who share my fascination with landscapes (I assume that’s pretty much all of you) may glean some enjoyment from my write-up, Geology of Dinosaur National Monument. Again, I wrote it for river guides, so it does assume a fair familiarity with the area, but I hope some other folks may find it interesting, or at least enjoy the pictures. I should say that I’m not a geologist, but only a mere enthusiast, so there may well be some flaws in my understanding.

Another from the archives, just for fun: Morgan and Round Valley Formations forming the spectacular cliffs of lower Whirlpool Canyon.

Rainbow cliffs of lower Whirlpool Canyon, Utah

2 thoughts on “Geology of Dinosaur

    • Thanks Greg! Yes, you need to go. Even if you can’t swing a river trip, there are a lot of spots there that have not been done photographic justice.

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