More from Ojito

Hoodoos at night, Ojito Wilderness, New Mexico

I’m hitting the road tomorrow morning for a relatively big trip: with any luck I’ll come back with photos to share of some really gorgeous and seldom-photographed locations. But in the meantime, I wanted to share a few more images from my Ojito Wilderness trip a few weeks back. The shot above is a spot I had found a few months ago in bad light. I knew right off that these hoodoos had great potential, but probably only at night or sunrise. This time around, I worked the scene a few times as the light changed. This version in the pre-dawn darkness proved to be my favorite shot of the trip.

My previous wanderings around Ojito had also convinced me that cloudy skies would be virtually a necessity for any decent photography. The area’s pretty open and most compositions there will probably include the sky, so interesting skies would make a big difference. New Mexico’s weather this winter and spring has been frustratingly clear, so I jumped at the opportunity of a stormy forecast. Thankfully, the clouds came through.

Battleship formation, Ojito Wilderness, New Mexico

A storm had passed over in the night, and the eastern sky was still very thick with clouds at dawn, so I didn’t have much hope for direct sunrise light. In any case, I’m the perambulatory type of photographer; I usual prefer to keep hiking around looking for shots that will work with the light I’ve got than waiting by my tripod for light that may not come. So I was caught rather off guard when the clouds let a terrific beam of sun break through for about two minutes before closing back up. I had to work with the spot where I was, and I’m not thrilled with the comp I came up with, but so it goes. I’m still pleased to have captured a little of the light show.

Sunrise in New Mexico's Ojito Wilderness


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