Three from Burnt Creek

Dawn over Leatherman Peak in Idaho's Lost River Range

I just spent three days in the Burnt Creek Wilderness Study Area, a small roadless area in the eastern foothills of Idaho’s Lost River Range. It’s always immensely satisfying to be on a 9,500′ summit and still very much in the foothills. The ranges up here are all still heavily snowbound, and spring is only just beginning. A few nervous-looking lupines were essaying a bloom, and some alpine groundflowers were taking advantage of their hardy genetics, but most of the land was still awaiting warmer days. Wildlife was out in force, though. In a short space, I watched a bear climb an aspen tree, viewed a herd of elk as they whistled at me from the next ridge over, and then immediately turned to see a row of bighorn heads peering at me from the skyline. And the drive in and out was loaded with pronghorn.

Elkscape, Mount Corruption presiding (full size recommended):

Elk under Mount Corruption, Lost River Range, Idaho

One of the most politically incorrect summits still on the map, Squaw Tit sits above the Burnt Creek drainage, with Bell Mountain in the Lemhi Range behind:

Bell Mountain and Squaw Tit (yes, really), from the Burnt Creek Wilderness Study Area, eastern Idaho


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