Cold Ruby Dawn

Day dawns over icy Lamoille Lake, Ruby Mountains, Nevada

A definite highlight of the year for me was coming home from Idaho to New Mexico by way of eastern Nevada. I’d spent some quality time exploring Nevada’s underrated backcountry years ago, but that was before my photography achieved anything like competence, and I’ve always longed to return. Four overnight trips into three ranges in five days assuaged this longing somewhat, though I still feel I’ve barely scratched the surface out there. But the photography was certainly excellent, and you can expect a good number of posts to be forthcoming.

The photo above is from my first overnight, in the Ruby Range. People generally think of Nevada as dusty and desolate, and indeed it is: its open spaces and stark isolation are part of the Great Basin’s appeal. But it’s also a land of full of secrets. Some are well-kept, and others like the Rubies are basically open secrets. The Rubies are the opposite of dusty desolation, especially after a very snowy winter, and the range’s high country is a wonderland of glacier-carved stone, waterfalls, lakes and flowers. Even in late July this year, the Rubies were holding lots of snow and still freezing at night, and I awoke to a glowing dawn reflecting on feathered ice patterns.

2 thoughts on “Cold Ruby Dawn

  1. What a spectacular image…I really like the delicately feathered ice in the lake, and the sweet light doesn’t hurt anything. I am starting to learn–through you and others–that Nevada is one of those states that is off the beaten path for landscape photographers, but could easily occupy someone for their entire life…

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