Changing Light at Lamoille Lake

Lamoille Lake in Nevada’s Ruby Mountains, at dawn:

Daybreak at Lamoille Lake, Ruby Mountains, Nevada

Late dawn:

Morning light at Lamoille Lake in Nevada's Ruby Mountains

Early day:

Winter lingers late at Lamoille Lake in Nevada's Ruby Mountains

And some very different light from the previous night. Starlight photography is not something I’ve tried very often, and I don’t think I’d dare to make a large print of this, but I’m willing to share it on the web. I blended a low ISO exposure of the landscape with a higher ISO shot to freeze the stars, and I also blended in just a bit of a version in which I light-painted the foreground boulder. It probably comes off rather better if you click through to view the full-size version on a dark background. Definitely an experiment, but I hope it imparts some of the feeling of alpine night under very dark skies.

Starlight on Lamoille Lake, Ruby Mountains, Nevada

4 thoughts on “Changing Light at Lamoille Lake

  1. Don’t get me wrong, I love digital photography–I sold my film SLR cameras and my one medium-format camera. But one technique I miss is light painting on a large scale (a big room, etc.) with the shutter set on “B” and another is time exposures of the sky.

    • I hear you, Chas. The techniques were certainly more straightforward with film. But there are people doing incredible star and light painting photography on digital. Just like in other areas, it has its limitations (battery life is a notable issue, but that’s getting better and better; the battery life on my Nikon D7000 is pretty amazing), but it opens up opportunities (notably exposure blending) that have potential which film never did. The images some folks are getting of static stars (not trails) over visible landscapes are pretty awesome.

  2. This is a really interesting study and gorgeous images, Jackson. Regarding night photography, I do it once in a great while, and really enjoy it. My results aren’t on par with some who do it regularly, but it can be great fun. Technology has improved immensely over the last few years, allowing us to get great results in digital.

    At least with digital you don’t have to worry about reciprocity failure, as with film. :)

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