Iris and Sage

Iris and sagebrush in eastern Idaho's Lemhi Range

This summer was a great season for flowers in the American West (at least north of the 38th parallel or so). I got a lot of enjoyment out of the blooms this year, and it fell out that a lot of the flowers I came across were growing in sagebrush country. The wildflowers in sage ecosystems are quite underrated (though they have whole guidebooks devoted to them); they’re less predictable than alpine or riparian blooms, but if you catch them the right week, they’re spectacular. And even in other weeks they offer subtler delights, such as this iris growing in a sagebrush in eastern Idaho’s Lemhi Range.


2 thoughts on “Iris and Sage

    • Thanks Greg! It was one of those shots where I thought I was done for the day. Then I came across a patch of irises, and immediately knew I had to take off the pack and unstrap the tripod again.

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