Autumn by the River

Fall is now almost a month gone in northern New Mexico, and unsurprisingly I didn’t get out much. But here are some bagatelles from autumn along the upper Rio Grande (err… yes, that is what we call the “big river” around here; there’s more of it in the spring):

Cottonwood canopy:

This is about as cliche as New Mexico images get, but what the hell, there it was:

And the little fellow got to enjoy it too:


3 thoughts on “Autumn by the River

  1. Excellent. Glad to see young Eli getting early exposure to the Ur-sensations of listening to running water, rattling cottonwood leaves, and the smell of pinon burning. Happy fall, y’all.

  2. Excellent images, Jackson–they definitely scream autumn in the southwest. We were in Zion this past weekend, and although the cottonwoods have lost most of their leaves, “that smell” still hangs heavy in the air…

    Happy Fall!

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