Lodore Rim (from the vault)

Overlooking Hell's Half Mile rapid from the Lodore Canyon rim, Dinosaur National Monument

I made a nice find the other day in the depths of my hard drive while working on a new project pertaining to the geology of Dinosaur National Monument (more on this when it develops, I hope!). It was an absolute joy to reach this seldom-seen overlook on the rim of Lodore Canyon, with not much between me and Hell’s Half Mile rapid and the Green River but a couple thousand feet of air. At the time I preferred the vertical version of this view, but looking back I’m really liking the horizontal in a 4×5 crop.

One thought on “Lodore Rim (from the vault)

  1. This is a really nice view, Jackson–I also prefer the 4:5 format of this (as opposed to the vertical version). There’s a lot of depth to this image, which I think is what makes it so appealing…

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