Idaho Rock Art

The Sheepeater Shoshone didn’t produce spectacular and intricate panels like some cultures, but there are nonetheless some very cool pictographs scattered around the Middle Fork Canyon.

Handprints are a fairly universal theme in rock art, and well-endowed gentlemen are another. This panel has a variety of names according to the political correctness of the various rafting companies. The prudish refer to it as Shark Fin after a distinctive rock nearby; my outfit knows it as One Hung Low; the real rednecks eschew all euphemism and call it Big Chief Long Dong.

Incontestable evidence of armadillos in Idaho in early historic times? We report, you decide.

Here’s some very different rock art from southern Idaho’s Snake River country.


One thought on “Idaho Rock Art

  1. These are great, Jackson…I really like seeing new examples of rock art. I photographed some new rock art–probably Paiute–the other day that I need to blog, or put up on

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