Favorites of 2011

It’s been a very good year, and not easy to limit a selection of favorites to an arbitrary number (especially as I look through my archives and see good stuff I still haven’t processed). But here are twelve front runners. We’ll begin with what is probably my absolute favorite of the year, and also the only one I haven’t yet blogged, an evening storm and wildflowers in Nevada’s Schell Creek Range:

And the others…. Rio Puerco Sunset (Sandoval County, New Mexico):

Notch Peak Spotlight (Utah west desert):

My trip on the Illinois River in Oregon is almost its own category and it’s hard to pick favorites. But these two distill the experience pretty well, and I’m certainly fond of them. Klondike Creek meets the Illinois:

Greenwall Rapid:

Dawn over the Pahsimeroi Valley (Lost River Range, Idaho):

Syringa and River (Middle fork of the Salmon, Idaho):

Middle Fork Rainbow (Middle fork of the Salmon, Idaho):

Western Redcedar (Selway River, Idaho):

Baker Cirque Dawn (Great Basin National Park, Nevada):

Bighorns and Cliff (Pecos Wilderness, New Mexico):

December Eclipse (Sandoval County, New Mexico):

And just for fun, here are the top searches which found Crest, Cliff and Canyon in 2011:

  • pecos wilderness
  • geology of dinosaur national monument
  • the photographers ephemeris
  • gospel hump wilderness (guess I need to take some more pictures up there, considering I have all of one)
  • dagger falls
  • san juan range autumn
  • gila wilderness
  • lodore canyon
  • october dawn (it’s a damn good poem!)
  • gila river rafting

All worthy subjects. But here, on the other hand, are some searches for which I was surely a great disappointment:

  • securing an impaled object (I doubt they meant a 14-foot raft.)
  • burnt and impaled (I’m hoping to avoid blogging this in 2012 as well.)
  • downtown santa fe, nm (Lousy with photographers [or expensive cameras, anyway], but not really my thing unless it’s flash flooding.)
  • challenging rivers in illinois (My condolences. Come to Oregon!)
  • dagger falls naked (I don’t recommend it.)
  • peoplez shootin, folkz dyin (I do hang out in some pretty redneck areas.)
  • schots who hump sheep (Oh dear. There would be a Sheep Creek in the Gospel Hump, wouldn’t there?)
  • why am i here?

Okay, anyone who’s read this far down deserves a better note to end on. Here’s another personal favorite that I haven’t yet blogged, from the Ruby Mountains in Nevada:

24 thoughts on “Favorites of 2011

  1. You had an incredible year, Jackson! Its very difficult for me to choose a favorite, but your Schell Creek Range image is magnificent, and I still like your image of Notch Peak…

    Looking forward to seeing your unblogged work and new work in 2012…

  2. These are all amazing, and quite varied. I agree with your top choice; that image takes my breath away. Yes, I’m partial to flowers, but really the overall composition is fantastic.

    • Thanks Dave, means a lot coming from you. I’m glad you like Syringa, that one keeps growing on me. I think it may capture the je ne sais quoi of the Middle Fork as well as I’ve ever managed.

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  4. Jackson,

    Some very nice work here. It’s so nice to see some new work that isn’t of the well-known icons (and also outside of Colorado or southern Utah!). I’m really liking the Schell Creek Range and the Ruby Mountains images; they remind me (in a good way, I hope you’ll take it) of some of Claude Fiddler’s work in his book “A Vast and Ancient Wilderness” which, while good, could have gone deeper into the Basin and Range.

    The Notch Peak, syringa, and Lost River Range images more than hold their own, too; I appreciate your restraint in not taking them out to velvia levels or beyond. It’s easy to get caught up in artistic license and not let the landscape speak for itself.

  5. I really like your work, Jackson. Like my father’s photography, yours may not get as much recognition because you resist the temptation to photograph over-dramatic solely eye catching yet repetitiously hollow subjects or to hop them up in post-processing. In my estimation you have a very good eye and I enjoy the subtle beauty found in capturing nature as it is, rather than as you want it to be. As my father used to say, “Nature is dramatic enough.” My favorites of this excellent set are the Schell Creek Range, Selway River and Lost River Range. Nevada is not easy to photograph and you have done very well.

    • Very kind words, David, thank you! I actually often worry whether I’ve perhaps gone a little far in post-processing. I’m all for getting the most out of a digital file, but I have no interest in being hyper-realistic with my photography: your father was absolutely right, there’s no need. And I’m already itching for more time in Nevada, though it may be a while.

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  12. Wow! Besides the important stuff in your life, it looks as though you also had an amazing year photographically. This next one will be really fun for your family, so you’ll probably be again doubly blessed.

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