Puerco Valley Moonrise

Make sure to click through for the large version of this one!

Apologies for the slow blogging around here lately; January is never my best month. But here’s something I’ve been meaning to work on, the rising moon on the night before last December’s eclipse over the volcanic formations of the Rio Puerco Valley. This is a blend of two exposures, one for the moon and one for everything else. I’ll have to find a chance to return and try this shot again, as I don’t feel like I really nailed the comp. Moreover, it’s a pano crop, not a proper pano, and it would be fun to have the potential to print this scene really large (though I do have some other material from the evening that has potential that way). But it’ll have to wait till next December, when the moon will again be rising between Cerro Guadalupe and Cabezon peak.

I was also somewhat gratified to see that the commemorative stamp for the New Mexico state centennial features a different angle on these same formations. Way better than our dreary state quarter!


3 thoughts on “Puerco Valley Moonrise

  1. This scene should be printed large. It’s nice to have a project waiting for next winter. As much as I like New England, the images I see from you folks out west make me wish for a bit wider landscape around here. Nice blending to keep the moon looking sharp and a nice image all around.

  2. I think the color palette is really pleasing here, the earth tones and purples and pinks all come together quite well. I agree that this scene should be printed large. The stamp is quite nice too. Actually, quite pretty.

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