Experience and Wisdom

My friend Larissa interviews photographer Fred Lyon. He speaks from wisdom:

Some photographers say, “I take pictures for myself,” That’s a lie. We’re trying to communicate, to look at things and get a clue from somewhere. We’re storytellers, were trying to express ourselves. We shouldn’t fib to ourselves or anybody else.

And he speaks from experience:

Once for a fashion story, I awakened having put away a lot of gin the night before. Gin was big in those days. I have no idea why I’m still alive. But I went over to the telephone because I had a feeling I had done something rash in the middle of the night. And indeed I looked at my scribbling—I was in the midst of a bikini story and I had booked elephants at the beach. I thought models in bikinis are already much too much for me to face today, but I can’t handle elephants.


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