From the Vault : Chama Morning

Sorry about the light posting of late! I do hope to get back on the horse as spring waxes, and I have a high hopes for a trip this weekend. In the meantime, here’s a taste of several summers ago, from a misty morning in the Chama River headwaters, just over the Colorado border.


5 thoughts on “From the Vault : Chama Morning

  1. This is the greenest shot I have even seen of New Mexico. It is beautiful, and that is not saying the dry areas aren’t beautiful, too.

    • Well, it’s actually just over the Colorado border in the other direction, Sandy. The Chama’s utmost headwaters are up in a basin adjacent to (but unfortunately not included in) that South San Juan Wilderness. Some of the New Mexico high country can look just about this lush during the summer rainy season, though. Spending my summers in Utah and Idaho hasn’t been conducive to photographing New Mexico greenery, but I’m sticking around this summer, so I hope I can remedy that!

  2. Stunning image! I love it. Great splattering of color in the FG, and the low-hanging clouds are great.

    I’ve always wanted to spend time in the Chama area; I think there’s a lot of photographic potential there.

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