Caja del Rio Sunset

Another from the archives: my hopes of getting out for new shooting have been thwarted these last weeks, first by savage spring winds with attendant dust storms, then by illness. Soon, I hope! Meanwhile, here’s one that’s been hiding in my archives since early 2009. It was a stellar sunset, obviously, but I was never thrilled with any of my comps from that evening. Upon reflection, though, this one has grown on me, centered though it may be. This is looking southeast off the Caja del Rio Plateau* to the Ortiz and Sandia Mountains.

*Santa Fe National Forest land, believe it or not. We New Mexicans are used to terminology that most of the country finds odd, such as “rivers” that one can step across and forest lands with scarcely a tree. To be fair, there were many more junipers in the other direction.

One thought on “Caja del Rio Sunset

  1. Hi, Jackson. I hear you on getting out lately–I was able to sneak out to Utah a few weeks ago, but beyond that I’ve had no luck getting away. Its just been a busy year on our end…

    Beautiful image. The centered tree doesn’t bother me…I really like the vast expanse of prairie and the sunset is pretty amazing…beautiful!

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