Chimayosos Peak

Please enlarge this one!

My Memorial Weekend backpack into the Pecos Wilderness was not the easiest three days I’ve ever spent outdoors. I hiked into the Rio Santa Barbara, a new corner of the Pecos for me and surely one of New Mexico’s most beautiful alpine valleys. My first day and morning in the valley bottom was lovely, and I came away with the shot above of sunrise light on Chimayosos Peak. But up above timberline my right ankle began seriously complaining and my planned route didn’t pan out, forcing me into a long, painful backtrack over the way I had come and thwarting my plans for morning and evening shooting in the high country. But I couldn’t resist shooting a couple of panos from the Skyline Trail….

….and from the summit of Chimayosos:

It’s grand country up there, even in midday light! And the hike out was lovely, if sore, with the creeks rushing, flowers sprouting, irises almost ready to open. If my foot will behave a little, I’ll be back up there soon!


6 thoughts on “Chimayosos Peak

  1. Love the panoramic shots, particularly the labelled photo from up on Cerro Chimayosos. I’ve always gotten a kick from the characterization of that particular peak as a “hill”. That’s a pretty good slog all the way up the Santa Barbara. I’ve only done it once, usually head up to the divide from the other side.

    • Yeah, it reminds me of the area at the east end of the High Uintas they call the High Bollies, i.e. hills. Hills well over 12k are indeed pretty damn high!

      It was long, but I must say I really preferred the Santa Barbara approach to the south side. I love getting up to Pecos Baldy Lake and Trailrider’s Wall, but that endless hall of spruce on the approach always wears me down. The Sebadillosos Trail was more fun, but that’s a pretty roundabout way of getting up there.

    • Couldn’t have blue columbine up there, people would assume it was Colorado! I actually went out for another overnight last weekend, and the foot behaved itself admirably.

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