Three Items from Dinosaur National Monument

Item: Print copies of the new river map are now available! (And have been for a few weeks; I’m running behind these days.) Get yours directly from Westwater Books, or over-the-counter in Dinosaur National Monument and Vernal, UT. I’m sure they’ll show up elsewhere over time, but for now if you order from somewhere other than Westwater, make sure you’re getting the new edition. Shown here are the cover and my favorite spread featuring my work, plus a nice cobble of Uinta Mountain Group (from Ashley National Forest, not the Monument, perfectly legal!). If your curiosity is piqued, I have better sample pages here.

Item: It seems that the unnamed sandstone peak above Warm springs rapid, elevation 7,071′, received its first ascent a couple years ago. It’s an amazing-looking formation from the river, and given it’s inaccessibility and frighteningly sheer Weber sandstone walls, I’m not surprised it went unclimbed for so long. This kind of thing is part of why I love Dinosaur: even after many centuries of human habitation and a couple hundred years of white man’s exploration, there are still places no one’s been, particularly in the sandstone labyrinths north of the Yampa. Not many people know, but Outlaw Arch, the 13th largest natural arch in the world went undiscovered back there until 2006!

Here’s the only halfway decent shot of UN 7071′ (the further, sunlit peak) I could find in my archives, but it doesn’t do the thing justice:

Item: Finally, enjoy a couple fine shots of Dinosaur taken by Timothy O’Sullivan in 1872. I certainly admire O’Sullivan’s willingness to get up on the cliffs for his shots, a photographer after my own heart! Other than the tamarisks, not much has changed. The Atlantic’s collection of O’Sullivan’s photos from around the West is well worth a look, and my home town even makes an appearance.

Echo Park, the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers

Looking downstream into the Gates of Lodore

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