Horseshoe Lake

Ten days ago a friend and I backpacked into the northeast corner of the Pecos Wilderness, new territory for me, to spend a night at Horseshoe Lake. Though this part of the Pecos is a little more subdued than the Truchas Peaks area, it’s still a very beautiful landscape, with small lakes nestled in big open cirques under the broad-shouldered ridges of the Santa Barbara Divide, and views out over the low peaks and ridges where the Sangres rise up out of the Great Plains.

Sunrise is swift and lovely in these east-facing cirques.

I’m on the fence about this next one. I was attracted to the peaceful feeling of the stands of trees facing the dawn and the shapes of the snowfields. But it’s a little subdued. I’d be curious to hear if it does anything for my readers! (It’s certainly better larger, so please click through.)

After watching the sunrise fill the basin, we packed up camp and hoofed it up to the Divide to take the high trails back. Unsurprisingly, the sweeping views of the northern Pecos up there are spectacular. We were taking a snack break when we saw a great, full-curl bighorn ram heading our way over the tundra. The Pecos bighorns tend to be very mellow about humans, so we just sat and watched him come. But this guy kept on coming, right up to us to the point where we began to feel pretty intimidated and nervous. We started backing away, and this quickly seemed to assuage his sense of dominance, or something, and he soon resumed his travels.

Definitely enlarge this one, it’s worthless at this size:

3 thoughts on “Horseshoe Lake

  1. Lovely images, Jackson. I really like the early morning moon/reflection image, and the sheep image is gorgeous–what a great environmental portrait.

    Regarding the image you’re on the fence about…it’s pretty, but probably not a wall-hanger, IMHO. This looks like a gorgeous area to explore…

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