Folk Art Market

Fabrics of Chinese minorities in Guizhou Province

The annual Santa Fe International Folk Art Market is sure a fun place to play with a camera! Artists come from all over the globe and their work is among the best the earth has to offer. And it’s certainly a good place for me to step outside my usual photographic subjects.

Blue Rishtan pottery, Uzbekistan

Sapeh player Matthew Ngau Jau from Sarawak, Malaysia

Plenty more below the fold….

Boar mask from Balinese artist Ida Bagus Anom Suryawan

The mask-maker laughs

Haitian metal fish, made from oil drums and truck wheels

Kyrgyz felt dolls

Eli models a hat meant for Laotian babies

Bertha Medina’s intricately carved gourds from Peru

Peruvian gourd detail

Mexican ceramics

Aldar Tamdyn from Tuva plays the igil and throat-sings

Laotian fabric textures

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