Rio Grande Pyramid

It’s a full month now since I returned from a six-day backpack in Colorado’s Weminuche Wilderness, a beautiful trip in spectacular country whose only disappointment was five evenings and five mornings of absolutely clear skies, without so much as a wisp of cirrus to liven things up. Indeed, the only thing in the sky besides blue was varying amounts of smoke haze from the nearby Little Sand Fire. Not a photographer’s dream conditions, but I still came away with some pleasing shots. I do find that pretty light on the landscape under clear skies can be a real pain to process, though: the luminosities and white balances of the blue heavens versus the warm light on the mountains resist inhabiting the same file. That’s my excuse for taking so long to start posting shots from the trip: I’ve been chewing them over, tinkering, and living with them for a while.

This set was by far the best from the early part of the trip, and the location was entirely serendipitous. A bout of unexpected and fairly harsh altitude sickness forced us to retrace our steps and descend back into the East Fork of Ute Creek. But I wasn’t too disappointed once I found this stretch of creek leading straight towards the massive cone of Rio Grande Pyramid.

Of course, there’s always something interesting in the sky at night!

2 thoughts on “Rio Grande Pyramid

  1. Beautiful set of images, Jackson! I have always enjoyed the Weminuche Wilderness; it’s where I did my Eagle Project for Boy Scouts.

    I can certainly sympathize with your frustration over a lack of clouds. That’s something that seems to plague me every time I’m in the Sierra. I can literally watch any clouds dissipate in the last hour before sunset. Very frustrating. However, that said, you came away with a great set here. I like them a lot and don’t mind the lack of clouds one bit. I like the reflected colors in the second one a lot, and the wildflowers in the first…

    • Thanks Greg! The wildflower shot was almost an afterthought, but turned out to be one of the best of the evening (and it’s a pretty bad year for flowers in the southern Rockies, so I’m glad I went for it). But that stream had such beautiful curves, I chose our campsite specifically to take easy advantage of that stretch.

      The Weminuche must have made for some epic Boy Scouting! Do you recall any favorite areas?

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