Pecos Hiking

Skyline Trail and Santa Fe Baldy, Pecos Wilderness

This one’s out of chronology, just a nice shot from a hike in the local high country near Santa Fe a few days ago. This ~11 mile loop is something we do at least once a year, over the southernmost alpine summits of the Rockies (Lake and Penitente Peaks). We were also looking to check in on edible mushrooms up there, but were completely skunked on that count: not so much as a single amanita, let alone boletes. But Eli got to summit his first 12-er and crawl around his first alpine tundra:


3 thoughts on “Pecos Hiking

    • Thanks Dave! He’s a fourth-generation mountain person, so he’s got a legacy to live up to. Though I must say his dad is pretty weak in that department compared to his grandfather’s visits to the Himalayas and his great-grandfather’s first ascents in the Sierras. I may have to up my game as he grows up.

  1. Who can really balk at cute baby photos? Great images, Jackson, and I agree with Dave completely…it’s so great you’re passing on this tradition to future generations. This is a perfect excuse to up your game, I’d say!

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