Rock Lake Reflections

The southwest region of the Weminuche Wilderness has its own character. Most of the area (indeed most of the San Juan Range) is built of volcanic tuffs and breccias which form humpy ridges adorned with lots of fluted pinnacles eroded from the soft rocks. But southwest of the Continental Divide toward Durango one finds an intrusion of hard igneous and metamorphic stone which forms sheer cliffs and lots of rugged high peaks. These harder strata are also better at trapping water, and the area holds quite a few lakes. We spent two nights near Rock Lake, a large pool at timberline in the shadow of numerous 13-ers of the Mount Oso group. After a tasty dinner in the evening light, I headed to the shore, and the wind obligingly died down and allowed some decent reflections to form.

Part of the appeal of reflection shots is their potential for symmetry, and photographers often put the lakeshore dead center in the composition to emphasize this symmetry. In the shot above, I chose to emphasize the effect even mor by also placing the mountain equidistant between left and right, forming a centered, symmetrical cross. The stone in the lake livens things up with a welcome counterpoint. Below is a more conventional comp, with the peak and the stone more in obedience to the notorious Rule of Thirds. I’d love to hear which version folks prefer!

One thought on “Rock Lake Reflections

  1. Both are great images, Jackson. Lovely reflections and a beautiful peak. My personal preference is for the second image, as I like the rock balancing the image, as well as the greens in the lichen on that rock. Either way, though, they’re a beautiful pair of images.

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