Comanche Point

Sunrise over the Grand Canyon from Comanche Point

After leaving Cape Solitude, Greg Russell and I broke up our return hike by spending another night out at Comanche Point. Comanche isn’t that big a hike from Desert View, so I was a little surprised that we didn’t find any user trail, or much evidence of visitation at all. It’s certainly a place I’d be glad to visit again, overlooking the great open expanse of the Colorado’s meanders near Tanner Canyon among the colorful strata of the Grand Canyon Supergroup, with massive Vishnu Temple presiding to the west. Grand Canyon explorer Harvey Butchart, who knew the Canyon as well or better than anyone before or since, wrote that Comanche Point is “perhaps the finest panorama of the entire Grand Canyon,” and I wouldn’t disagree.

Greg Russell at Comanche Point

Sunset was beautiful, windy and cold, but I ‘m not happy with my shots from the evening. My best is probably the image above of Greg at work with Comanche Point behind him, and Greg’s best is ironically a view away from the Grand Canyon to the Painted Desert. But sunrise from Comanche was utterly sublime, as dawn waxed over Vishnu Temple and the river bends below.

Comanche Dawn

Sunrise on Vishnu Temple:

Vishnu Sunrise

Looking back past the Palisades of the Desert towards Cape Solitude:

Cardenas Sunrise

5 thoughts on “Comanche Point

  1. Really beautiful images, Jackson. You pointed out to me that Comanche Point offers a slightly different view of the Canyon–vast rather than massively deep, and I quite like the difference. I’d return to Comanche in a heartbeat.

    Oh, and by the way, I was reading Michael Kelsey’s description of the hike to Cape Solitude last night and he said, “start walking and you’ll get to the Cape eventually.” Sounds about right…”eventually.” :)

    • Thanks Greg! Yeah, “eventually” is about the way of it. A friend was telling me recently that it’s a great ski trip in the increasingly rare snowy years.

  2. Greg recommended I read your Grand Canyon post, but I am liking your blog and posts more each time I visit. So much so that I have gotten caught up in reading the more recent posts rather than just the first Grand Canyon one. Great work. That Sunrise on Vishnu Temple is especially compelling.

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