Zion’s West Side

Sunset near Kolob Terrace, Zion, National Park, Utah

Some more from Zion: thanks to our local host, we had a splendid evening scrambling around near Cave Knoll, up in the high country of Kolob Terrace, west of Zion’s main canyon. It was much more of a family hike than a photo outing, but I did bring a tripod, and we lucked into some excellent moments of evening light. The landscape up there was full of gorgeous beehive formations, back by long views out to the West Temple and South Guardian Angel, but I didn’t have the luxury of time to spend finding really excellent comps, and the good light was teasingly brief. Still, it was a very pleasing evening!

Evening above Kolob Terrace, Zion National Park, Utah

It was nice to be out shooting with the whole family for once:

Cave Knoll Eli

And every nature photographer has to head up here, I suppose:

The entrance to the Subway, Zion National Park, Utah

In this age of adventurous parents and intrepid children, I’m under no illusions that Eli is the youngest visitor to the Subway, but he’s probably on a pretty  short list of toddlers who have seen it.

Subway Hiking

6 thoughts on “Zion’s West Side

    • Thanks Andrew! i try not to inflict too many photography logistics on the family, but it’s sure nice when the stars align and we can all be out there together.

  1. Wonderful images, Jackson. I just discovered Cave Knoll last year and really want to get up there for some serious photography.

    Glad you made it to the Subway with the family; Stephanie’s been up there, but we haven’t gotten Owen up there yet…

  2. Those high views are spectacular and congrats for getting Eli into some serious adventuring early in life! The top two images are tied as my faves – and it’s really cool to see people in the Subway to give it scale and make me want to go explore. Great stuff Jackson!

    • Thanks Dave! I actually didn’t recognize the famous Subway pool when we walked up to it, largely because I was expecting a different scale, I think. I really tend to enjoy people-in-landscape image, but too many start just looking like other people’s vacation photos, I suppose.

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