Waterfall Road Trip

Multnomah Treeglow

A few weeks ago, Eli and I flew out to Portland, Oregon to visit some friends while Mrs. Frishman was in France for business. Via an odd quirk of fate, we were asked if we might be interested in driving a car from Oregon back to Santa Fe as a favor for a friend. 2,300-mile road trip with a one-and-a-half-year-old….. sure, why not? By the time all was said and done, it amounted to 2,520 miles over eight days, though that included two days of goofing around in the Columbia River Gorge and the coast before we got on the road in earnest. We visited and imposed on friends in Vernonia, Eugene and Jacksonville, OR; Truckee, CA; Wanship, UT; and Telluride, CO, plus a motel in Elko, NV. And we made a couple new friends, acquaintances I only knew via the Internet in Mount Shasta and Moab. Many thanks to all, and great to meet you Bret and Bubba!

Inevitably, this trip was much more about having fun with Eli than photography, and taking the trouble to bring my tripod and three lenses ensured that we didn’t see anything truly spectacular to justify lugging all my gear. But the waterfalls of the northwest in April are irresistible, even handheld at high ISO. Multnomah Falls, Oregon’s highest, was more water than Eli ever imagined could exist in the world (until he saw the Columbia later that day, followed by the Pacific the day after).

Multnomah Sunbeams

Lower Horsetail was no slouch either:

Horsetail Curve

We were also glad to take Bubba’s advice and make time for McArthur-Burney Falls in northeastern California. Teddy Roosevelt allegedly called it the eighth wonder of the world. I might not go that far, but it’s a fine sight by any standard.

Burney Stripes

Many more snapshots below the fold for friends and well-wishers!



5 thoughts on “Waterfall Road Trip

  1. Looks like great fun, and while goofing around you managed to create a fresh take on Multnomah Falls, something that’s almost impossible – those first two images are stunning! (esp. the 2nd)

    • Thanks Dave! At a place like Multnomah it’s very tempting not to bother, but I had the camera for kid photos, and when I saw that sunbeam…. I guess it also goes to show that you should never stop looking for interesting light, even at high noon, which is more or less when those were taken.

      • You’re right… and you’ll always be really happy that you took Eli for an epic roadie. Good thing you two didn’t hang out in Las Vegas – coulda been trouble!

  2. I agree with Dave’s assessment of the images–those first two especially are spectacular.

    I’ve been wondering about your trip, and am glad it went well. I’m convinced that if you can survive a road trip with a 1.5 year old that you can survive just about anything. Looks like you covered some gorgeous country too–a trip I’m sure both of you will remember for a long time. Really enjoyed the photos of Eli.

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