Rain in the Valley

Crystal Peak Rainwall

Our new home in the California desert doesn’t receive the summer monsoon moisture pattern we’re used to in New Mexico. This place is too far north of the usual storm tracks and too deep in the rain shadow of the massive Sierra peaks to our west. Indeed, it was rather a disappointment to be moving out of Santa Fe just as the summer storms were ramping up at last. But this year’s monsoons have been especially vigorous, and even here in the far western Great Basin we’ve enjoyed several surges of clouds and rain. There’s nothing quite like the sight of mist and cloud-wrack flowing through a normally blazing blue sky, or the smell of water falling on a thirsty land.

Our new house under peak and cloud:

Henderson under Clouds

No photographer ever minded a monsoon sunset….

Gilbert Pass Sunset

Gilbert Pass Twilight

4 thoughts on “Rain in the Valley

    • We’re settling in nicely, Chas, thanks! And I’ve been taking pictures, it’s finding the time and mental space to edit and post them that’s a challenge lately. More soon, I hope!

  1. Gorgeous images, Jackson! You guys have really “lucked out” with some wild weather this summer. Hopefully it stays good through the winter–I’m dying to see your images of some clearing winter storms.

    • Thanks Greg! Yes indeed, clearing winter storms are welcome! I’ve got a substantial mental bucket list of locations around here that would look great in dynamic winter weather. Can’t wait!

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