Dusk and Dawn in the Toiyabes

Mount Jefferson Portent

Even a cloudless evening can sometimes hold surprises. On this clear day back in September in Nevada’s Toiyabe Range, I watched the relentlessly blue sky and didn’t hold out much hope for an exciting sunset. Still, I climbed a ridge above my camp, and while I sat photographing aspens in the cirque below me, I gradually became aware that something remarkable was happening in the sky behind me. Two triangles of rosy light began glowing above the canyons of the South Twin River, pointing southeast toward the looming bulk of Mount Jefferson in the neighboring Toquima Range. They only seemed to grow brighter and more distinct as the evening blues deepened around them. I’ve seen a lot of gorgeous twilight glows in evening skies, but I can’t recall a dusk light show quite like this one.

The Toiyabes aren’t bad at sunrise either:

Toiyabe Morning

3 thoughts on “Dusk and Dawn in the Toiyabes

  1. Jackson, this is an amazing light show–those types of clouds don’t show themselves very often. The Toiyabes look like a great range–I’m looking forward to hopefully getting up there with you in 2014!

    • Thanks Greg! I’d love to get back there with you and see what you make of the area, though I’m not entirely sure it’s conducive to your shooting style. But the Toiyabes are big and diverse, a lot to explore out there.

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