Favorites of 2013

Looking back at my Favorites of 2012 post and my goals for the coming year, I can’t help but reflect that 2013 did not go at all according to plan. I shot very little in my beloved New Mexico, I did not make it to Idaho or the northern Rockies, and I generally got out shooting less than I had hoped. But the year’s twists and turns easily made up for these unrealized plans and brought opportunities I never would have hoped for last January. One unexpected pleasure was two trips with fellow photographer Greg Russell, the first to Cape Solitude in the Grand Canyon and the second in California’s White Mountains. A family trip to Zion and a wonderful visit to the Columbia River Gorge in spring were also great fun, and yielded some decent images as a bonus. But the biggest and most wonderful surprise was my move to the western Great Basin. My home terrain in Deep Springs Valley will keep me occupied for quite a while all by itself, and the great mountain-studded emptiness of Nevada lies just down the road, country that has long called to me but which does not offer up it’s secrets lightly. After 2013’s abrupt education in the speed with which life and plans can change, my ambition for the coming year is to take every advantage of my surroundings. Deep Springs Valley is beautiful every day, the Death Valley backcountry lies just over the ridge out my window, the Eastern Sierra offers constant temptation, and the endless basins and ranges beckon to the east. Meanwhile, here are my personal favorites of the last twelve months.

Evening light in the Little Colorado Gorge, Grand Canyon National Park:

Little Colorado Shining

Stone, sun and shadow, Zion National Park:

Sunrise on the Streaked Wall, Zion National Park, Utah

Lycosa spider, Gila Wilderness, New Mexico:

Gila Spider

Sunbeams and Multnomah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, Oregon:

Multnomah Sunbeams

Evening light over Deep Springs Lake, California:

Deep Springs Lake Spotlight

Black toad (Bufo exsul), Deep Springs Lake, California:

Toad in Brown

Autumn in North Twin Canyon, Arc Dome Wilderness, Nevada:

North Twin Evening

Twilight beams over Toiyabe and Toquima ranges, Nevada:

Mount Jefferson Portent

Fall aspens and cloud shadows, Arc Dome Wilderness, Nevada:

Dappled Slope

October snow and lake of fog, Deep Springs Valley, California:

Split Mountain over Fog

Snowstorm, Deep Springs Valley, California:

Arctic Deep Springs

Dawn light on the badlands of Esmeralda County, Nevada:

Esmeralda Morning

Here’s a glimpse of shots that didn’t quite make the cut (please enlarge!):

2013 Favorites Collage

And one final shot to round things out with something new – I haven’t lived with this one long enough to decide whether I truly like it, but it’s certainly my last quality shot of the year, from a December trip to the Eureka Dunes in Death Valley National Park:

Eureka Curve

7 thoughts on “Favorites of 2013

  1. Andrew, these are stunning as always. It’s great to vicariously explore some new turf this year too, now that you are in a different location. Also, the juxtaposition of Eli and spectacular scenery is quite fun!

  2. You certainly had a good year, despite the speed with which it went by. It was really great to connect with you, and I’m looking forward to more adventures together later on this year.

    Your images from your home territory are fantastic, and I hope you’ve been getting some weather in the last week or two–it’s been a tough 2014 so far! I also like the Church Rock image in your ‘honorable mentions.’

  3. Jackson. I’ve been going through your archives looking for stuff I haven’t already seen. It just made me realize how prolific and all encompassing your photography is. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it once again, great work.

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