Ceci n’est pas….

La Trahison d’images, California desert edition:

This Is Not an Abandoned Vehicle

Backcountry surrealism or merely a very ironic end for this particular bumper sticker? You be the judge! The long out-of-date possessiveness on display below was amusing as well:

Private Property

As long as I’m indulging myself in the perennially entertaining photographic sub-genre of Rusty Junk in the Desert, I may as well toss out a few more. Here’s some abandoned mining machinery in the Inyo Mountains Wilderness:

Inyo Mining

I don’t dabble much in black and white work, but the two shots below made it irresistible. A defunct fence being reclaimed by the chemical playa of Deep Springs Lake:

Fence Skeleton

Cabin near a former mercury mine above Eureka Valley:



6 thoughts on “Ceci n’est pas….

    • I’m always struck by the fact that while Indian groups lived in these places for millennia, very many ranching and mining regions depopulated after a generation or two. Though to be fair, the whole world was changing dramatically.

      In any case, what I’m really hoping is that I live long enough to see Vegas after it becomes the world’s most surreal and tasteless ghost town.

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