Minaret Reflections

Minaret Inversion

Back in June, Greg Russell and I hiked into Minaret Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. We had a late start, and opted for the comforts of camp and dinner that night in lieu of photographing a very dull and lightless evening as the sun set directly behind the local peaks. But our hopes ran a little higher in the morning, and we staggered out before dawn to try and do justice to the lake’s impressive rockbound shores, with the pointed spires of the Minarets fixed above and waiting to catch the dawn light. I frustrated myself for a while in a vain attempt to find some attractive composition emphasizing the stony lakeshore. But I soon gave up on foreground and decided to shoot pure reflection images instead, and was instantly much happier. The dawn glow came, though it faded off the peaks quickly as a cloud intervened, but the soft filtered light that took its place was perfect for some gentler images, all the more so as the breeze died and the lake grew increasingly glassy.

Lake Symmetry

Minaret Lake Calm

Of course, I never mind a little more drama in my images, and the Minarets certainly have an ample supply of that.

Ken and Clyde Minarets

Minaret Skyline

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