Valley of Dry Bones

Bone Pit

Happy Halloween from the local dead animal pit!

11 thoughts on “Valley of Dry Bones

    • Surprisingly, not too bad. I only get a mild whiff now and then while I was shooting. These guys are pretty mummified by now – another advantage of a desert climate I guess!

  1. Looks like a good place to collect Dermies, as John McLoughlin and I used to do in the designated “Dead Animals” section of the Magdalena Dump in the 1980’s, before Deering Fauntleroy sued the town to impose federal rules. O for the lost days of thwacking on calf carcasses with our walking sticks to see if any useful beetles fell out …

  2. Cool image.

    Reminds me of the time when my wife and I were standing on a large mound of dirt near a farmer’s field, when the dirt beneath our feet began to crack and shift under our weight, and we saw that the mound was simply covering up a dead animal pit that was directly beneath our feet.

    Freshly dead. And oozing. And ghastly smelling when the cracks opened.

    Took us years to get over that.

    • More the latter. The students do slaughter and butcher a lot of our own meat here, and some bones from that process might end up in the dead animal pit. But it’s also a place for carcasses we don’t want to eat, whether for sentimental reasons (horses, dairy cows), or practical ones (say, concerns about disease, or an animal dying unexpectedly when we don’t have manpower for butchering).

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