A Touch of Color

Touch of Color

Autumn on the slopes and sunset on the peaks bring their colors to the dry, empty ranges of central Nevada. The view is from the crest of the Monitor Range looking east to Morey Peak and the Hot Creek Range.

(Please click through to the larger version – this one suffers at blog size!)

4 thoughts on “A Touch of Color

  1. That was well worth the extra click, Jackson. What an amazing landscape. Did you have to do much to it to get the depth of clarity? Has it been ‘Bagshaw-ed’ at all?

    • Thanks Andrew! Yes, I tend to use some luminosity masking for subtle dodge/burn and local contrast (Kuyper-ed I suppose, rather than Bagshaw-ed – I love Sean Bagshaw’s photography, but can’t really do videos on our satellite internet). Before I started using Lightroom, I used to do a lot more luminosity mask work, but now I find I can get things pretty close in LR and just put on some finishing touches in PS.

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