Favorites of 2014

It’s 2015, and another year is in the rear-view mirror. It was not an easy year for me to get out and about, and besides the usual stuff of life, being forced off the highway at 70mph by a reckless driver took away a good two months of opportunities this spring. But sitting down to assemble the annual favorites post has reminded me that it’s been a fine year full of beautiful places and worthwhile photography. It wasn’t easy to whittle this collection down to a manageable level, and I have quite a few other shots that I was very tempted to include. I got to know my local corner of the California desert much better, and was privileged to visit many other places: a couple new corners of the Nevada outback, Saline Valley, the High Sierra, my beloved Salmon River in Idaho. I’ve got plenty of ideas for 2015, of course, but one thing I’m certain of, which is that nothing will go quite according to plan. So here’s to letting go of plans and a fruitful new year!


9 thoughts on “Favorites of 2014

  1. An astonishingly fine collection, Jackson. My top pick for what it is worth is the flowering Joshua Tree against the granite backdrop. I look forward to seeing more in 2015.

    • Thanks Andrew! Yes, I’m quite fond of that one too. To find those bizarre granite badlands was a treat by itself, but to have the Joshua trees in bloom made the place really magical.

  2. These are all spectacular, Jackson. You certainly do make the most of your travels. I told Greg I would visit a few years ago but it hasn’t worked out and images like these really make me more determined.

  3. Gorgeous set from 2014, Jackson. Here it is, March 2 and I’m just getting around to commenting. It’s difficult if not impossible to pick a single favorite, but what these images convey are a deep sense of place in the West, which is something I’ve always liked about your “style” of photography.

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