Nevada Chiaroscuro

Reveille Silhouettes

Three images from one evening last spring, in the Reveille Range of central Nevada. Above is a view north to Big Fault Mesa and the Pancake Range.

Railroad Valley Playa and the Quinn Canyon Range:

Railroad Playa and Quinns

Last light:

Reveille Glow


8 thoughts on “Nevada Chiaroscuro

  1. Wow Jackson. These are special. Is it really so clear? Are you using strong filters? In HK we can barely see across the harbour! I am looking out now and all I see is haze. Today is a good day. It isn’t yellow.

    • Thanks Andrew! There can certainly be hazy days out here, but when it’s clear, it’s very clear indeed. It’s possible I might have used a polarizer on the first two, but I suspect not. Parts of Nevada are renowned in the continental US for both air quality and dark night skies.

      Speaking of which, I was amused today looking at the central Nevada phone directory. It covers a huge geographic area, easily 150-mile radius, maybe more, and the white pages only run to 37 pages!

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