Sandstorm from Above

Nikolaus Eureka Windstorm

The folks who worked this mine above Eureka Valley had an amazing vista, but they must have suffered through some dismal weather. I was nearly blown off the mountain yesterday, timing shots between gusts of wind, until distant lightning sent me packing for lower ground. But the giant clouds of sand blowing into a hidden arm of the valley below added some fine drama to an already dramatic view.

Surprisingly, the main Eureka Dunes seemed unruffled.

Hidden Sandstorm


5 thoughts on “Sandstorm from Above

  1. If anyone’s interested, I had heard a rumor that the spur road to the dunes was graded recently. I checked out the first quarter mile, and this did not seem to be the case. The North Eureka Road, on the other hand, is currently blissful.

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