May Snowfall

White over Green

We had the pleasure of awaking yesterday morning to three inches of snow in the yard, only a moderate number of broken tree branches, and flakes still falling. Though hardly an epic storm, this was the biggest snowfall we’ve seen in 14 months. It’s all melted off below 10,000 feet now, but the ground got good and damp and the air was full of the herbaceous smells of wet desert.

White Foothills

Snow over Circles

My ambitions did not extend beyond a casual ramble in the White Mountain foothills, but it was a delight to taste a little bit of winter.

White Ridges


2 thoughts on “May Snowfall

  1. Hello. How blessed it must be to live in one of the most wild areas of California-Nevada. The White-Inyos, Deep Springs, and Piper Mountain Wilderness.
    A few years ago took a trip down the two track that bisected Piper North to South. Even downhill in a 4×4, a rough and rocky road. But well worth it, visiting those remote washes, and watching the Great Basin turn into the Mojave. Darkest of night skies.
    Next one: Cucamonga Canyon.

    • Thanks for saying hello, Bill, and glad you like the country! I still haven’t seen the whole Piper Road, just the top half. I’ll probably just walk it one of these days. Cucamonga Canyon is a splendid place.

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