Off to Idaho

Grass River Cloud

We’re leaving tomorrow for an eight-day river trip on the Main Salmon in Idaho – basically a repeat of our summer vacation last year, only this time with even more smoke. What had been a surprisingly mild fire season in central Idaho blew up last week, and there are now numerous active burns, including one that we’ll be floating right by in the river canyon.I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I may get some photos that are actually dramatic, rather than merely hazy. But it’s hardly the first time I’ve rafted through active burns, and a wilderness river is always a thing of beauty.

Whitewater at Twilight, Salmon River, Idaho

4 thoughts on “Off to Idaho

  1. Looking forward to hear all about your fiery trip–I love the water in the second image. You got the shutter speed just right and found the perfect pattern–something not always easy to visualize when the water is flowing fast!

  2. I can’t tell you how delighted I am that I’ve gotten to know you through your craft. Life is certainly interesting.

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