Blooming in Storm

Looking to the Rain

The heavy rains this fall around the Death Valley region raised many hopes for a good wildflower season, and these hopes are now being fulfilled. Greg Russell and I took a trip to southern Death Valley last week, and found substantial amounts of desert gold already in flower. Sand verbena and brown-eyed primroses were also beginning to make an appearance. But even more promising were the millions of healthy green shoots springing from the endless gravel. They were particularly prolific on one of the large alluvial fans spilling from the Black Mountains, with sweeping views down the valley to the Owlshead Range.

Alluvial Flowers

It’s worth pointing out that it takes a pretty thick field of flowers to show up well in most pictures – the blooms shown here were even better in person!

Ashford Gold

I’ve never seen limestone such a brilliant orange as in this section of the Black Mountains.

Orange Limestone Desert Gold

The clouds were thick, but we did see a brief display of light as a sunset beam broke through the storm.

Ashford Peak Light

As we were leaving, light rain began falling. It continued throughout the day, and the clouds thickened towards evening as mist began to wrap the mountains and badlands. All those young plants received another timely dose of moisture, so I expect the wildflower show will get better and better.

Look to the Sun

7 thoughts on “Blooming in Storm

  1. Great images, Jackson! Yes, the fields of flowers were great in person, and I loved the way they created a braid-work pattern leading up to the Black Mountains…

    Looking forward to seeing how this wildflower season shapes up…

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