Fog in the Owens

Fog under Whites

There’s nothing like mountains reaching above the clouds, and when the clouds are low and the mountains high, then there’s a lot of mountain to reach up. Last Wednesday morning, I awoke inside a cloud here in Deep Springs Valley, drove above it over the White Mountains, and down into another cloud of fog in the Owens Valley. Sunrise above these conditions must have been spectacular, but even several hours later, I couldn’t resist driving uphill a bit to take some pictures of White Mountain Peak towering 9,000 feet out of a fog bank lingering on Bishop and the Owens Valley.

Owens Valley Fog

The high peaks of the Palisades above Big Pine were as impressive as ever:

Fog Under Palisades

Panoramic version – please enlarge!

Owens Fog Pano


4 thoughts on “Fog in the Owens

  1. This is a gorgeous collection of images, Jackson. Definitely not what I normally think of when it comes to the Owens Valley. As Rajan said, they are unusual conditions indeed. Very cool.

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