Summer Playa

Monitor Playa Detail

Here are a couple semi-abstract views from last summer, on a warm evening with hazy skies from distant fires, above the Monitor Valley Playa in central Nevada. Monitor Valley is one of Nevada’s most beautiful, high up at around 6,000 feet, remote, unencumbered by any paved roads in its 70-mile length, empty save for a few small ranches, and flanked on either side by the relatively lush and wild Monitor and Toquima Ranges.

Great Basin playas are each a little different, and their colors can be very interesting, particularly under the light of changing skies. This one appeared to be quite wet, set among grasslands green from the summer rains.

Monitor Playa

6 thoughts on “Summer Playa

  1. These are two really nice images that capture the peace of that evening well. The purplish tones in that playa were especially nice when contrasted with the tones in the surrounding vegetation…all in all a really nice night despite the haze.

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