Summer Shadow

Summer Shadow

When we moved to Deep Springs four years ago, one of the first photographic elements that caught my eye was the shadow formed by the shallow canyon on the face of Chocolate mountain, a couple miles east of my house. As the seasons changed, I learned that this shadow is purely a summer phenomenon, happening only when the sun sets far enough north to shine down the big gorge where Wyman Canyon splits the White Mountains.

Somehow, the photographs closest to home can be the hardest to get after. I watched this shadow come and go over the course of four summers, always thinking I’d photograph it another day. Yesterday evening was finally the night to seize the moment and make the epic 300 yard trek down the ranch road to take some photos (with a popsicle in hand as an added bonus). It’s just a shadow, only one of many interesting shadows that the revolving earth and setting sun project on our mountains, but it will always bring home to my mind, presiding above our little house in a big desert.

Chocolate Mountain Shadow


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