Secret Lives of Rocks


Wandering around Death Valley pointing a camera at interesting rocks is always a good time! Death Valley’s extremely long and convoluted geologic history makes almost anywhere else look geologically simple and sedate by comparison. The strata here have been desposited, metamorphosed, shuffled, broken, bent, folded, faulted, overturned relocated and eroded in almost every conceivable way over the last billion years. This petrified chaos is evident on a large scale in the Gothic outlines of the mountains and canyons, but it shows up plenty in the smaller details as well. One has the feeling that this is what rocks get up to when left unsupervised.




2 thoughts on “Secret Lives of Rocks

  1. Outstanding. I recall seeing a pattern similar to that in the third photo in the narrows of the canyon on the Titus Canyon Road at the very end just before you emerge out down the alluvial fan.

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