Ramparts of the Sierra

Williamson Creek Morning

The giant escarpment where the Sierra Nevada plummet from their crest into the Owens Valley is one of the most amazing mountain walls in the United States. I managed to spend a little time with it up close and personal last summer.

Williamson Buttresses

Though this photo doesn’t begin to do them justice, the canyons coming off Mt. Williamson (California’s second-highest) are amazing. From the summit to the creek at lower left is a drop of over 7,000 feet in 3-1/2 miles:

Williamson Canyon View

These rocks like to keep their hard edges:

Granite Edges

A gentler detail in this forbidding landscape:

Symmes Saddle Sapling

Looking north up the Sierra front into Owens Valley:

Sierra Scarp

As I hiked out, I stopped for a quick breather and saw the moon setting between these granite fins. With no time to set up a tripod before the moon went down, this image isn’t as sharp as I’d like, but I’m fond of it anyway.

Moon Spires

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