Bitterbrush and Snowstorm

It may not be the showiest wildflower out there, but the creamy yellow blossoms of bitterbrush (Purshia tridentata) bring a beautiful glimmer of life to the high desert. Even in a bad year like this one, when very little is blooming, these perennial shrubs put forth some color.

Granite Gully Bitterbrush

Bitterbrush Detail_900px

Bitterbrush is hardy and adaptable stuff, growing from true desert at 3,000 feet up to subalpine elevations at 10,000′, from the Mojave to British Columbia. Its seeds produce a small drop of vivid purple dye, almost like cochineal in its brilliance.

Bitterbrush in the desert Hiko Range, eastern Nevada

Owens Storm Bitterbrush


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