Canyon of Color


Since we’re now coming up on a year since I backpacked the most colorful canyon in the Sierra Nevada, I really ought to post my remaining images! Skies were hazy with smoke, as is now to be expected, but the warmth of the haze worked fairly well with the colors of the folded rocks.

A wide view (please enlarge!):

Lake and Fold Panorama

This drainage is truly a unique and wonderful corner of the High Sierra!

Red Slate Evening

6 thoughts on “Canyon of Color

  1. You didn’t catch the best light and conditions (from a photography point of view) but what a fantastic location! There are some delicious compositions to be had there, especially on the canyon face) with a longer lens.

  2. Convict really is a remarkable world unto itself. When we were down in Mammoth a few weeks ago I met a bunch of folks from the Geologic Society of Nevada who were there on a field trip. One of the guys I talked to was a geology professor from UNR and we talked about Convict Canyon. He called those crazy strata chevron folds, a term I was unfamiliar with. It makes sense though.

    Your images of the canyon are some of the best I have ever seen. Your vantage point is perfect!

    If you haven’t been yet, check out Parker Lake. It is like an undeveloped version of Convict Lake. Fall color, great geology and very few people, especially in the morning. The last 0.5 miles of the trail goes through a great aspen forest too!

    • Thanks, Bubba! I keep wanting to make it to Parker, but I’m afraid it’s going to be a while. We’re actually moving to Washington in about a week. Big changes coming!

      • Holy smokes! That’s crazy! I’m going to miss all your Sierra and Great Basin images, though you will no doubt turn your lens towards some of Washington’s awesome features. If you guys come through here and need a place to crash, feel free to use our cabin!

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